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Antonio Visca Architect provides a full range of services. Click here to download our CV in PDF form.

We can help you with the following:

Feasibility studies,
Site analysis and master planning,
Research and structuring a project for a client,
Preparation of cash flow projections,
Conceptual design,
Consultant co-ordination,
Technical drawings and specifications,
Monitoring and administration of construction,
As-built drawings,
Post construction phase requirements,
Construction management and cost control,
Technical audits and construction reviews of existing buildings,
Preparation of building programs,
Funding options.

Cost Control

Careful planning must be exercised during each phase of the project to ensure that budget limitations are controlled and not exceeded.

Construction budgets and estimating requires detailed monitoring and research due to the volatility of the marketplace, with respect to labour and materials. Cost checks during various stages of a project are implemented to ensure that client's budgets are realized. These stages include:

1. Design stages,
2. Working drawing stage,
3. Prior to tender process,
4. Review of all change orders.